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Town Heretic:
Working with the wife on fine tuning classic video, board, and card games for long term couples who need a playful way to work out the trials of relationships...first up, Mortal Kombat, the Marriage Edition, where the fatalities can be particularly embarrassing.

Other ideas in the hopper under the Marital Games Edition brand include: Thin Iced, where the cubes you hammer-tap have descriptions like, "In-laws drop in for a week!" and "Baby's got a fork!"; Marital Jenga, the "Oh, so you can build that five feet high but you can't fix a shower curtain," game of relationship construction; Risked--You've conquered the world, now what about that checkbook?; and everyone's favorite, Clueless, "Guess what you did and where you did it this time."

Coming soon for card enthusiasts, Crazy Ates.

Marital Games*, where our motto remains, "This is so much cheaper than a lawyer!" ;L)

*Rules not included.

Town Heretic:
Nothing is more American than being contrary, and loud about it.

One of the truly great things about us as a people has always been found in our willingness to hear what offends us in the public square, to invite dissent as an integral part of our national character.

When we say, "Go back," to those who differ and criticize then we forget who we are as a people and undermine what we came here to establish among men.


Amen.  The current unrest and disdain in our country is disheartening.

Town Heretic:
This Just In

A local CBS affiliate is reporting shots fired at Mammoth Cave, in Kentucky, on the heels of a Bigfoot sighting.

In related news: liquor.

Town Heretic:
A man begins to carry about a small snake whose venom is without antidote. He becomes unhinged one day and walks through a public fair, allowing it to strike and kill scores of his neighbors.

Many argue that the public safety can only be assured if everyone begins to carry this snake.

Strangely, none of these people is evaluated for their mental health.


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