Author Topic: And Another Reason I Will Not Support This President  (Read 44 times)

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So I was on FB earlier and a friend of mine posted a familiar, "Agree with him or not, I am praying for our president to be filled with wisdom," meme. Now the point of those is largely to get anyone reading it to act or think affirmatively about Trump. It's an end run of sorts, that finds purchase in many who are uncomfortable with their decision to support him the first time around.

Here's the problem for me...I see his lawyers arguing that detained children aren't necessarily entitled to soap, toothbrushes, and a sleeping spot that isn't a concrete floor and I think, "Until he demonstrates fundamental humanity toward those who cannot in any sense further his welfare, I'm just not interested in much more than removing him from office." And I voted for Bush Jr., before anyone asks. So I'm always a potential get for conservatives, but not here.

Our president is a creature of free will and no wisdom or goodness will come into a single soul who doesn't invite it. Evidence of either will be found in the fruit of that tree. So until that fruit is edible, I'd rather spit it out.

Indeed.  How can anyone who considers themself a child advocate support such child abuse?