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Re: Welcome ...
« on: June 13, 2019, 09:27:37 pm »
I don't know my way around this set up yet. I think I just figured out how to make a new thread, but I was looking at a Section that had subsections in it and just didn't know where my largely scattered musings would find a home.

For instance, as I read it, The Garden is about religion or a response to it, with 5 sections you can go into and create related threads. The Jungle seems political, though there isn't a particular Politics catch-all for discussion that doesn't fit into the categories there, which I think wouldn't be a bad idea. Then there's The Shanty, which feels like a misc/And the Rest sort of creation, but it's subcategories still don't give a thread like Observations a definite home. Maybe a Miscellaneous subcategory in The Shanty, or in each section wouldn't be a bad idea. A kitchen sink for threads that aren't comfortably under the headings/categories in either of the big three (outside of the Gate) would be a good idea?

Thanks TH.  I will work with your suggestions and try to make some changes including a place for your Observations thread. 
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